Piazza armerina

Charm and History

Where the Romans were

Well known for the famous Roman Villa del Casale, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997, in Piazza Armerina also stays a beautiful castle with an interesting historical center and a very ancient history, which you can visit in relax, pet in tow.

The area is also suitable for trekking. Among the routes that we recommend there’s one that starts just outside one of our operators facility and which, crossing the historic center, reaches the famous Villa. It’s a beautiful route that you can travel on foot or you can go for a donkey trekking mode if your travel pet doesn’t mind the being together with another sweet four-legged friend.

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Walks in nature

piazza armerina quercia ed asino

Another ideal place for hiking, where you can let your dog run around, is the nearby Rossomanno-Grottascura-Bellia oriented nature reserve, full of routes for all levels of difficulty.

We recommend that of the “enchanted stones” or dancing puppets, a place rich in stories and legends that are millions of years old, and then continue to the hermitage of Rossomanno, where the remains of a ruined Benedictine convent will give you a breath-taking emotion. .