From Caltanissetta to Enna

The Heart of Sicily

Central Sicily is a wonderful region, full of historical and cultural treasures to discover. Here you can immerse yourself in the ancient Greek civilization and admire the breathtaking landscapes on the borders of the Nebrodi mountains and the valleys of the Alcantara river. It will be an unforgettable experience of contact with nature. Furthermore, you will not be able to resist the delicious typical local Sicilian cuisine, in the company of your four-legged friends in the restaurants selected by us. If you love outdoor sports, central Sicily offers many activities with your dog such as trekking. Come and discover this wonderful Italian region and let yourself be won over by its timeless charm!

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Piazza armerina mosaico


Piazza armerina

Known for the famous Roman Villa del Casale, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997, Piazza Armerina actually boasts a beautiful castle with an interesting historical center and a very ancient history, which you can visit in relaxation in the company of your dog.

The area is also suitable for trekking. Among the routes that we recommend there is the one that starts directly from the structure of one of our operators and which, crossing the historic center, reaches the famous Villa. It is a beautiful route that you can travel on foot or in the donkey trekking mode if your travel companion doesn’t mind the presence of another sweet four-legged friend.